RAPID Numbering

(Rural Address Property Identification)

The Mackenzie District Council RAPID Numbering scheme is in place to ensure that emergency services can easily find rural properties.

All rural properties, schools, churches, halls and other significant commercial buildings have been allocated a unique RAPID number.

The RAPID system was implemented in 2001 and replaced rural fire numbers.

Under the RAPID system your property has an identification number which combined with your road name gives you a unique address.

Your number is calculated by the distance your property entrance is located from intersections and main roads. The scheme provides a more accurate address for rural residents and emergency services, as well as allowing other service providers such as phone and power companies, rural delivery, farm service providers and visitors to locate properties more quickly and easily.

When you need to make an emergency call, we recommend you provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • RAPID Number
  • Road Name
  • Nearest intersection
  • Nearest township
  • Property owner (if different from your name)
  • Nature of emergency

For further information contact: info@mackenzie.govt.nz

RAPID Number Application Form and Fact Sheet

Application form (PDF version)

RAPID Number Fact Sheet (PDF version)
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