Resource Consents


Under the Resource Management Act 1991, the Council is required to assess any development, subdivision or proposed use of a site against the requirements of the Mackenzie District Plan. The District Plan contains rules relating to different types of activities in different parts of the District. Anything which is not considered to be a permitted activity by the District Plan requires resource consent.

Land Use Consent is required to use land, including the surface of water, in a way that is not permitted as of right under the District Plan.

Subdivision Consent is required where any person wishes to sell part of the land contained in an allotment or lease part of the land for a period of 35 years or more (including rights of renewal) unless expressly allowed by a rule in a District Plan. It should be specified whether the subdivision is for fee simple, cross-lease, lease of land or unit title.

The rules relating to a particular site will depend on what zone the site is within. The rules for each zone can be found in the District Plan.

Examples of activities which may require resource consent are:

  • Building a residential building close to a property boundary
  • A multi unit accommodation complex
  • Setting up a home based business
  • Subdividing any property

The Resource Consent Process

Non-notified consents take up to 20 working days to process, provided all of the required information has been submitted to Council.

Where approvals of potentially affected parties are not obtained or the Council believes the activity will have more than minor effects on the environment, the application will have either limited or public notification. This allows for a submission period in which affected persons can make submissions in support of or opposition to your application. A hearing is usually required on notified applications and applications may take several months to complete.

The Council monitors projects it has issued resource consents for, to ensure that activities are being undertaken as described in the application and all conditions are being complied with.

Applying for a Resource Consent

You, or a representative, must complete the Councils Land Use Application Form or Subdivision Application Form and submit it to the Councils planning department along with all other information required by the Council.

A deposit must be paid with the application. This varies according to the type of activity you are applying for and can be found in the Councils Resource Management Fees and Charges Schedule. Further charges may be incurred during processing, which are charged after processing is completed.

Publicly Notified Resource Consents

Click here to view any current publicly notified Resource Consent Applications.

Resource & Building Consent Pathway

Information Brochures

The following brochures have been developed by the Council to assist applicants in compiling their application.

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