Dog Control & Ownership

To contact the Animal Warden please call (03) 685 9010 (24 hours a day).

Please note:

  • Dogs roaming free can cause a significant nuisance. Uncontrolled dogs that are exercised without proper control can be a nuisance to others. Warnings may be issued to owners about dogs roaming uncontrolled and being aggressive to members of the public.
  • The owner of every dog shall at all times keep and prevent the dog(s) from wandering or being at large, in or upon any public place, without being under effective control
  • Dogs, if uncontrolled, can harm or kill farm stock. The land owner has the right to destroy any dog that has been found attacking stock.
  • No person shall cause, permit, suffer or allow any dog of which that person is the owner to enter or remain in any public place unless the dog is kept under continual and sufficient control; which means that the dog is kept leashed at all times by a person over the age of nine years.

Dog Policies

Dog Control Notes (FAQ)
Dog Control Policy

Dog Registration & Fees

Dog Registration Fees 2020/2021

Dog Registration Form 2020/2021

Dog Policies & Practices Reports

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Wandering Dogs

Wandering Dog
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