Environmental Services

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Environmental Services contribute to the following outcomes:

  • An attractive and highly valued natural environment

  • A safe and healthy community

  • Affordable access to goods and services

Environmental Outcomes

More specifically the activity contributes to the following Environmental Outcomes:

  • Unique, welcoming and safe communities that sustain people of diverse income and age.
  • A clean, healthy and beautiful natural environment.
  • Bio-diversity is maintained and enhanced
  • Sustainable land use and economic development that supports and promotes the character of Mackenzie District.
  • A built and working environment that enhances the individual character and heritage of the Mackenzie area.
  • Affordable access to community resources that include arts, cultural and recreational facilities.
  • Monitoring and enforcing hygiene standards in eateries and shops.
  • Monitoring and enforcing rules and regulations under the District Plan and conditions associated with resource consents
  • Minimising the nuisance caused by stray animals.
  • Administering liquor licensing.
  • Supporting the Civil Defence organisation and the Rural Fire service.

Planning Services seek to apply strict controls to the maintenance of the built environment in order to maintain the unique physical and heritage qualities of the area whilst allowing sustainable development.

The enforcement of building controls helps increase the accessibility of facilities to disabled people and ensures a continuous improvement in safety standards. Building controls also assist in reducing the consumption of energy and in mitigating the polluting effects of new buildings and their occupants.

Monitoring and enforcement of resource consents and rules and policies in the Mackenzie District Plan ensure that appropriate feedback on the effectiveness of rules and regulation is provided to the Council and public.

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