Spatial Plan Option Surveys

Mackenzie District Council seeking community feedback on Spatial Plan options.

Mackenzie District Council has released a range of options for the Mackenzie Spatial Plans and is seeking community feedback.

As part of the Mackenzie Spatial Planning Project, three potential options have been developed each for the towns of Fairlie, Tekapo (Takapō) and Twizel, following a series of community workshops. These options show how different approaches to growth will affect the future planning of each town over the next thirty years, impacting the provision of things like infrastructure, green space, community facilities, visitor accommodation and housing density.

At the same time, concept plans have been developed for the smaller rural settlements of Albury, Kimbell and Burkes Pass (Te Kopi-O-Ōpihi). These plans have been developed following workshops held with each community to identify the issues and opportunities facing each settlement.

The options for each main township outline a shortlist of three options for growth over the next thirty years. This shortlist has been identified from a long list of six different options, which was shared with the community at a workshop in Late July and includes the following three options:

1. Corridor Growth

2. Clustered Growth

3. Contained Growth

Each option has different effects on each town, and these are outlined in the engagement document, 'Your Town, Your Future, Your Say' which is available online at

Mackenzie District Mayor, Graham Smith, is looking forward to hearing see what the community thinks about the options. "I'm impressed with the amount of progress the project has made so far. We have a really comprehensive document to guide the community and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks."

"It's important to note that this is just the first step, once this engagement phase is over we'll take what the community has told us and use it to help shape a final, preferred option for each area. These will then be shared with the community before we finalise them towards the end of the year."

Council is looking for community feedback on the plans and is encouraging anyone with an interest to take the opportunity to have their say. To do this they have launched an online survey and engagement document that outlines the options and explains the process that has been undertaken to get to this point.

The engagement process will run for one month, and Council will be holding drop-in sessions in all main townships and rural settlements.

"We're really encouraging everyone in the community to take the chance to have a say on the future of their towns. This process will shape how we plan for growth over the next 30 years and the feedback we receive will have a significant impact on the direction we take. This really is your chance to tell us what you think, so please share this with any friends, family, and colleagues - the more feedback we get, the better," said Mayor Smith.

Following the period of public engagement, the feedback received will be directly used as a piece of evidence to help identify the preferred option for each area and make any tweaks and changes required. A detailed town centre plan will also be developed for the main townships once the preferred spatial plan has been identified.

Detailed analysis of costs, infrastructure requirements and a range of other inputs will also be undertaken, ensuring that the final spatial plans outline a future vision for each area to inform zoning changes as part of the District Plan Review. They will also be able to guide investment decisions at a local, regional and central government level, ensuring they cater for future growth and provide for each community.

Feedback on the Spatial Plans opened at 12.00pm on Friday 18th September. To view and provide feedback on the Spatial Plan options and Rural settlement concept plans, head to Feedback closes on Friday 30 October at 5.00pm.

Drop In Sessions to view the Spatial Planning Options and speak with Council staff:

Thursday 15th October Fairlie (including Albury, Kimbell & Burkes Pass), 6-7pm, Council Offices, Fairlie

The community engagement document, Your Town, Your Future, Your Say, along with a range of other project information is available online at Printed copies are available from Council offices in Fairlie and Twizel.

The online survey is available on our engagement website:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Spatial Plans?

The Spatial Plans are being designed to help inform a range of future planning requirements, but the main thrust is to offer an evidence-based approach to the District Plan review, which will be kicking off in early 2021. The Spatial Plans will create a 30-year vision of what the future could look like in our main towns. They will inform how our towns grow and how we can improve them as places for people.

What do the options show?

The options show three different ways each town could grow. They are not meant to be detailed and are more designed to indicate the direction of travel that growth could take. There are a number of issues that will need to be worked out before these plans become part of Council Policy, but we need to start somewhere.

How have the plans been developed?

We've held a number of workshops with members of the community to help us select the types of growth outlined in the options. These workshops have been facilitated by leading experts in the fields of infrastructure and urban design, in line with industry best practice, with the resulting plans being informed by the information received at these workshops. More information is available at:

What are the next steps in the process?

Once this initial stage of community engagement is over, the project team will take the results and use them to inform what the preferred plan looks like. It may be that the final plan is combination of options, or takes some good parts of all three and puts them together. Rest assured that the results of community engagement will directly inform this part of the process. We'll also be evaluating the options against a range of government measures and estimated feasibility and costs.

These options will then be presented to Council for approval and comment before going back out to the community for another chance to provide feedback. Following this, any changes required will be made and the final plans will be presented to council for adoption.

These will then be used to help inform the District Plan review, which will commence in early 2021.

When does the survey close?

We have extended the date as some people within the community were worried that one month wasn't long enough. We have listened to the community and extended it by two more weeks - the survey now closes on Friday 30 October.

Will there be more chances to have a say?

Yes, definitely. There will be another chance as part of this process to give feedback on the preferred option. Then, as part of the District Plan Review Process there will be several more opportunities for the community to have their say.

How have the growth projections been developed?

The growth projections have been developed by a specialist firm, who have a significant amount of experience putting together growth projections for local councils. They have considered a range of factors including economic drivers, the availability of jobs, employment trends, net migration and lifestyle factors such as education, retirement options and affordability.

It is important to note that these projections have factored the impact of COVID19 into the district's growth and we will likely revisit them in the next 12-24 months to see how we are tracking against them. Regardless, the levels of growth, particularly for Twizel and Tekapo, are high, and we need to plan for that.

Remember the District Plan is reviewed every 10 years, so and deviation from the predicted trend will be taken into account in the next iteration.

More questions?

We're here to help - it's important to us that you understand the process and the data so you can make an informed contribution to the project. If you have questions please email us ( or call us on 03 685 9010 to make an appointment to come in and see one of the planning team.

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