Mackenzie Tomorrow

Community Outcomes

If the Mackenzie District is to remain as a thriving area it needs to make significant progress in helping realise the six community outcomes that the Council has outlined:

  • A safe and healthy community,
  • A supportive community,
  • A participative, well informed and culturally aware community,
  • A thriving economy,
  • An attractive and highly valued natural environment, and
  • Affordable access to goods and services

For its part, the Council will play a role in advancing these outcomes.  A major task will be in progressively upgrading the district's extensive roading network and extending the length of sealed roads whenever financial assistance can be obtained.  Not only will this benefit our own residents, it will enhance the attractiveness of our area to the large number of visitors that enjoy our unique environment.

The health and safety of the urban community will be enhanced through upgraded sewerage and water treatment systems.  Much has already been achieved but higher standards are likely to be required to be met.

A larger population and a growing number of tourists are likely to lead to increased expectations for enhanced amenities throughout the district.  Community expectations are rising as revealed through recent planning exercises in two of our townships.  More ratepayers will help fund these heightened expectations but will also contribute to increased demand upon Council infrastructure.

Council will continue to require development to pay its fair share of the increased demand by making provision for reserves contributions and by having new ratepayers match the equity current ratepayers hold in existing infrastructure.

The Council will need appropriate planning controls to ensure that growth and development does not proceed in a way that diminishes the natural attractions and values of the district.

Aside from a growing tourist sector, access to adequate water for farm irrigation will be critical for the enhancement of farming in the Mackenzie.  The equitable allocation of water resources to meet hydro-electric, farming and environmental requirements will be one of the major challenges over the next ten years.

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