Mackenzie Today


The population of the Mackenzie district at the 2006 Census was 3,801. This was comprised of 1,959 males and 1,842 females.

The 2006 Census showed Mackenzie district as having slightly lower proportions of its population under the age of 15 and  slightly higher proportions over the age of 65. However, long-term population projections show an increasingly ageing population for the region.

Ethnically, the district is less diverse than other areas of New Zealand with 77.5% of the people in the district having European ethnic origin compared with 67.6% for all of New Zealand.

The median income of people in the Mackenzie is $22,700 - $1,700 lower than the national figure.

In terms of employment, Mackenzie's unemployment rate in the 2006 Census was 1.6% compared with 5.1% for all of New Zealand.  The most popular occupational group was managers at 25%. 

Overall, the most popular occupational group in the country was professionals at 20%.

There were 996 families in the district at the last Census.  There were a greater proportion of families with no children and a lesser proportion of single parent families compared with the national statistics.

There were 1449 households in the Mackenzie in 2006 with an average household size smaller than the national norm (2.4 people compared with 2.7 for all of New Zealand).

56.8% of households in the Mackenzie District have access to the Internet, compared with 60.5% for the rest of New Zealand and 73.5% have access to cellphones compared with 74.2% for the rest of New Zealand.

At the Census, there were 429 businesses located within the district, an increase of 92 since the last Census.

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