Key Documents

Long Term Plan (LTP)

The LTP is Council's main planning document. It details the activities Council intends to carry out over the next ten years, how much these activities will cost, and how they will be funded.

Annual Plan

The Annual Plan is based on Council's main planning document, the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP). It details the activities Council intends to carry out over the coming financial year, how much these activities will cost, and how they will be funded. The plans, which are required by law, are prepared in consultation with the public in the years between LTCCPs (which are produced every three years).

Annual Report

The purpose of the Annual Report is to compare the Council's actual performance for the year against the forecast in the Annual Plan. The Annual Report is a key public accountability document of Council.

District Plan

The Mackenzie District Plan assists the Council in carrying out its functions under the Resource Management Act 1991 so that it may achieve the purpose of the Act which is to "promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources." The Plan was developed in consultation with local communities and interest groups.

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Canterbury Water Management strategy

The Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) is being implemented throughout Canterbury following several years of collaborative work by the Mayoral Forum, the Steering Group, Environment Canterbury, and the region's 10 territorial authorities including Mackenzie District Council. It provides a shared vision to protect fresh water in the region.

Under the CWMS, zone committees have been set up to work collaboratively to develop effective water management solutions that deliver economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes in consultation with the local community. There are two zone committees operating within the Mackenzie District: The Orari-Opihi-Pareora zone committee and the Upper Waitaki zone committee.

To find out more about this shared vision.

Orari-Opihi-Pareora Zone Implementation Programme Document

Upper Waitaki Zone Implementation Programme Document

Canterbury Water Management strategy Document

Tekapo Development

MacKenzie District Council has engaged Aurecon and Boffa Miskell to develop the Tekapo Parking and Landscape Concept Plan.

Concept plans and visions have previously been developed for the Lake Tekapo Village and proposed Lake Front Development, and workshops undertaken to obtain feedback on the plans. A Traffic Impact Assessment Report was also undertaken in 2013 to analyse the transport issues and potential impact of the proposed Lake Front Development. This project builds on the previous work, in particular providing more detail around the parking and landscaping elements of the concept plans.

Canterbury Regional Economic Development Strategy Canterbury Mayoral Forum: August 2015

The Canterbury Mayoral Forum comprises the mayors and chair of the 11 local authorities in Canterbury. Regional economic development is a priority in the Canterbury Local Authorities Triennial Agreement 2013-2016. Mayors are concerned to act now, to prevent a post-rebuild slump and ensure the long-term economic prosperity and social wellbeing of the Canterbury region. The forum has developed this strategy through workshops and conversations with a wide range of partners (including Ngai Tahu) and stakeholders from the farming, manufacturing, tertiary education, business, telecommunications, transport and tourism sectors.

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