Contributions Payable for Multi-unit Residential Developments

If you’re planning to develop additional residential accommodation on land that already has an existing house on it in the Mackenzie District, best check whether you’ll need to pay an extra financial contribution for services and open spaces.

A financial contribution is required on all multi-unit residential developments in the Mackenzie District.

“Some people may not be aware that this is a Council requirement. The contributions apply when more than one residential unit—including visitor accommodation—is proposed on a site,” says Mackenzie District Council Group Manager Regulations, Karina Morrow.

“For example, if you have an existing house and wish to build a separate unit to rent out for visitor accommodation, financial contributions for wastewater, storm water and open space will be payable for the new unit.”

The financial contributions apply to the construction of stand-alone units and houses or self-contained units within an existing house.

The amount contributed depends on the number of people being accommodated but it can be significant, Ms Morrow says.

“Our advice is to come and have a chat with the Council’s planning team before undertaking any additional development, or renting out an extra space for visitor accommodation, and find out whether the contribution will apply.”

The contribution is put towards the cost of providing services and public spaces.

“As the number of residential units on a site increases, so too does the pressure on reticulated systems and open spaces. The Council believes it’s fair that there is an additional contribution towards the cost of providing these services.” Ms Morrow says.

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