Maintenance Metalling Underway in Mackenzie District

18 May 2018

Regular annual metalling maintenance is currently being carried out on roads in the Mackenzie District.

Each year unsealed roads in the Council’s patch are monitored and assessed as to whether they need additional metal. Two types of metalling are applied—wearing course or metal—depending on a road’s condition.

Wearing course involves placing crushed metal on the existing prepared road base over the centre of the road and grading to the road’s shape. Maintenance metal involves reinstating the running course (where vehicles usually drive) and applying metal on bare patches. 

“Metaling reinstates metal worn down under traffic loading and lost over time. The unsealed metaling also puts the shape back into a road and provides a surface which is impermeable and homogenous that disperses water,” says Mackenzie District Council roading manager, Scott McKenzie.

“Metaling also provides a better running surface with `fines’ that hold the metalling materials together so that it’s not too loose to drive on and the road is protected from vehicle damage.”

Currently maintenance work is being carried out on Godley Peaks and Lake Alexandrina roads, and it’s expected to finish around mid to late June in the Fairlie area.

The Council regularly trials new sources of roading materials to improve the metal that’s applied to roads, increasing the life of the treatments applied and reducing traffic wear and tear.

Roads are prioritised for metalling according to levels of use and other factors. They are regularly inspected and assessed. An annual budget of $650,000 is allocated to road metalling.

Twizel Water Main Replacement

Work to replace Twizel’s aging water main is due to finish in mid-May. The new replacement water main is more robust and more durable with a longer life-span, says Mackenzie District Council utilities manager, Geoff Horler.

The upgrade of the water main is part of a broader 20-year works programme to upgrade Twizel’s water supply system. The total cost to upgrade the water main was $285,000.

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