New Plan to Manage and Minimise Waste in the Future

2 July 2018

The Mackenzie District Council is looking at better ways to manage and minimise waste.

The Council has recently adopted its Draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan for 2018-24.

“The goal of the Plan is to help us improve what we do with waste,” says Solid Waste Manager and Twizel Township Supervisor, Angie Taylor.

“Waste is an important issue for our communities, environment and district—how we deal with waste will shape the future of our district for generations. This plan is about taking notice of where we are now and exploring new ways to improve not only how we manage waste, but how we can reduce the amount of rubbish and recycling that we create,” Ms Taylor says.

Although the district is generally doing a good job managing its rubbish and recycling there are always ways to improve, Ms Taylor says.

“As a district, we need to keep looking forward and challenging our current practices to really make a difference. Our draft Plan identifies the key issues, provides a strategic direction for a future of minimised waste, and establishes objectives, goals and an action plan for the next six years.”

From 30 July to 3 September, the community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft plan through a public submission process.  Check the Council’s website at from Monday 30 July for a copy of the draft plan and the statement of proposal - a summary of the draft plan and how you can have your say.


For media enquiries please contact Angie Taylor, Solid Waste Manager 027 434-1650

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