Upgraded Twizel Wastewater System
Brings Better Efficiency

An upgrade of Twizel's wastewater system provides for more efficient and effective management of wastewater.

The upgrade includes installing a new, modern screening plant to more effectively remove waste.

"The plant efficiently removes all improper material in the system. In the past this has ended up in oxidation ponds and taken a long time to break down," says Mackenzie District Council Group Manager Assets, Bernie Haar.

New oxidation ponds and another disposal field have also been built. Wastewater now travels into the ponds where it is treated and filtered before moving to another disposal field where it eventually soaks into the ground. The new system ensures that wastewater is appropriately treated before being disposed of.

Council was recently granted a 35-year consent for the discharge to ground for the effluent from the oxidation ponds, and the upgrade means Council's operations will comply with the new consent conditions.

"Residents won't notice any difference to the service they receive but Council staff will have better knowledge and control of the whole treatment plant," Mr Haar says.

The project has been completed within budget at a cost of $685,242.

New security fences have also been installed around the expanded site.

While there is still site clearance work to be finished and a new entrance to the ponds will be constructed off State Highway 8, the new system is now operating.

"It's great to get this work completed before the holiday season really gets underway," says Mr Haar.

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